Information Publication Scheme

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ACLEI is required by Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 to implement an Information Publication Scheme. This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.

All references are to sections of the Freedom of Information Act 1982, unless otherwise stated.

Agency FOI plan (s8(2)(a))

ACLEI’s Section 8 plan may be accessed on the Section 8 Plan page.

Who we are (ss 8(2)(b) and 8(2)(d))

The statutory office of the Integrity Commissioner is created under the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006 (the LEIC Act). The Integrity Commissioner heads the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI). Information about the present Integrity Commissioner can be located on the ‘Integrity Commissioner’ page.

ACLEI is established under the LEIC Act and is an agency of the Australian Public Service. ACLEI’s function is to support the Integrity Commissioner in the performance of his or her functions.

The Integrity Commissioner and ACLEI are based in Canberra, and ACLEI may have offices in other parts of Australia as circumstances warrant.

Please see ‘About Us’ for information about our functions, organisational structure, governance arrangements and details of statutory appointments. Further detail about ACLEI may be found in transcripts of speeches by the Integrity Commissioner, able to be located on the ‘Reports, Submissions and Speeches’ page.

Our organisation chart is:
ACLEI's Organisation Chart

What we do (ss 8(2) and 8(2)(j))

The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for preventing, detecting and investigating serious and systemic corruption issues in the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Australian Federal Police. From 1 July 2013, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), the CrimTrac Agency and prescribed aspects of the Department of Agriculture are also subject to the Integrity Commissioner’s jurisdiction. Further detail about ACLEI may be found in our ‘About Us’ and ‘Reports, Submissions and Speeches’ pages.

Rules, guidelines, practices and procedures in relation to ACLEI investigations are exempt from publication: see section 10 and subsection 37(2)(b) & (c) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. On occasion, the Integrity Commissioner may decide that it is appropriate to publish an Investigation Report, which has been given to the Minister. These reports are available from the ‘Reports, Submissions and Speeches’ page.

In relation to performing or exercising functions or powers in making decisions or recommendations affecting members of the public, ACLEI and the Integrity Commissioner have published the following material:

  • Information Guidelines;
  • Notice Guidelines; and
  • Hearings Guidelines.

These documents are available from the ‘Information Guidelines’ page.

ACLEI’s media policy is available from the ‘Media’ page.

Our reports and responses to Parliament (ss8(2)(e) and 8(2)(h)

ACLEI’s Annual Reports laid before the Parliament, and other information routinely provided to the Parliament, may be accessed on the ‘Reports, Submissions and Speeches’ page. ACLEI’s reports to Parliament in relation to the use of intrusive powers can be found on the ‘Accountability’ page.

Routinely requesting information and disclosure log (ss8(2)(g) and 11C)

At the present time, there is no information and no document to which ACLEI routinely gives access in response to FOI requests. ACLEI has prepared a log of information that has been released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, which can be accessed on the ‘Disclosure Log’ page.

Consultation arrangements (s8(2)(f))

ACLEI is not usually responsible for specific policy proposals that are open for public comment. When ACLEI does have such responsibility, consultation arrangements to enable members of the public to comment on specific policy proposals are described on the ‘Policy Proposals’ page.

Our priorities (s8(4))

ACLEI’s corporate and strategic vision can be located on the ‘About Us’ page.

Our finances (s8(4))

Information relating to pay and grading structures within ACLEI can be found in ACLEI’s current Enterprise Agreement, on the ‘Employment’ page.

ACLEI’s list of agency contracts and our budget papers can be found on the ‘Accountability’ page. ACLEI adheres to the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines, which can be found on the Department of Finance’s website. All ACLEI tenders are published on Austender.

Our lists (s8(4))

ACLEI’s agency contracts, appointments, and other lists and registers relating to the agency’s functions can be located on the ‘Accountability’ page.

Contact us (s8(2)(i))

For all matters relating to FOI and the IPS please contact:

FOI Coordinator
Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity
GPO Box 605
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: (02) 6141 2300
Fax: (02) 6230 7341

ACLEI invites community feedback on its IPS entry and compliance. ACLEI will evaluate your feedback and respond to comments received.