Information about the National Anti-Corruption Commission
On 30 November 2022, legislation was passed to establish the NACC.
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What is corruption?
Corruption is the misuse of authority by public officials.
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How we assess your report
Find the criteria we use to assess complaints.
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Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework
Find out how to assess your agency’s integrity maturity.
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Latest news

Operation Calder: Investigation report released by the Integrity Commissioner

An investigation into allegations that AFP appointees colluded to award redundancies to two AFP appointees.

12 Apr 2023
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Operation Starburst: Investigation report released by the Integrity Commissioner

Operation Starburst was an investigation into the abuse of office and unauthorised access by a Home Affairs Officer.

14 Mar 2023
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12 Best Practice Principles for Australian Anti-Corruption Commissions

These twelve principles represent best practice for an Anti-Corruption Commission in an Australian jurisdiction.

9 Dec 2022
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