Attending ACLEI hearings

If you receive a summons from ACLEI to attend a hearing, you must attend. Failure to do so without a reasonable excuse may amount to a criminal offence.

Your summons may include a ‘notation’ saying that you cannot disclose any information about the summons to anyone except your lawyer. If you disclose any information about the summons to anyone else – either before or after you attend the hearing – you may be committing a criminal offence.

As a witness in a hearing it is important that you:

At a hearing a witness is required to:

  • take an oath or affirmation that your evidence will be truthful
  • answer all questions truthfully (it is an offence to give false or misleading evidence)
  • produce documents or other things as required by the Integrity Commissioner.

Please note this page is not a substitute for legal advice. You are entitled to seek legal advice or legal representation about your involvement in an investigation.

Hearing guidelines

These Guidelines provide information about the hearing process for witnesses and their legal representatives.

Witness expenses

If you are called to appear at a hearing you may be eligible to be reimbursed for expenses such as travel expenses, meals or lost wages. You can claim reimbursement of those expenses by completing a Witness Expense Form and sending it to your ACLEI contact officer. Please refer to your summons for details.

Legal and financial assistance

If you have been called to appear as a witness at a hearing you may be eligible to receive legal and/or financial assistance.

You must apply to the Attorney-General’s Department to receive this assistance.

For further details, and to make an application online, read about Commonwealth legal financial assistance services.

Notices to produce

These guidelines contain detailed information about your rights and obligations if you have received a notice to produce.