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Corporate Information

Corporate Plan

The ACLEI Corporate Plan describes ACLEI’s strategic context and priorities for the year.

ACLEI Fraud and Corruption Control Plan

  • ACLEI Fraud and Corruption Control Plan 2018 – 2020 Word Document PDF Document

ACLEI Integrity Risk Reporting and Management

  • ACLEI Agency Policy Advice─Integrity Risk Reporting and Management   Word Document PDF Document

Procedures for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct

  • Procedures for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct Word Document PDF Document

If you are concerned about your dealings with ACLEI or the conduct of an ACLEI staff member, you should raise the issue in the first instance with the ACLEI Executive Director Secretariat or the Integrity Commissioner. Any information provided in this way is received in-confidence.  Should you remain dissatisfied, complaints about ACLEI can be made to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.​

ACLEI Records Authority

The records authority developed by ACLEI and the National Archives of Australia sets out requirements for keeping or destroying records for the core businesses of Law Enforcement Integrity (Corruption Investigation) and Law Enforcement Integrity (Corruption Prevention).  This records authority can be accessed on the National Archives of Australia website here.  

ACLEI Gifts and Benefits Register 

  • ACLEI Gifts and Benefits Register - 31 December 2021 PDF Document
  • ACLEI Gifts and Benefits Register - 31 March 2022  PDF Document

ACLEI Audit Committee Charter 

  • ACLEI Audit Committee Charter - 10 September 2021 PDF Document