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Maintaining ACLEI's Integrity


The LEIC Act contains measures to ensure that the Integrity Commissioner and ACLEI remain free from political interference. For example, the Minister may ask the Integrity Commissioner to conduct a public inquiry, but cannot direct how inquiries or investigations will be conducted.

In addition, the Integrity Commissioner:

  • is appointed by the Governor-General and cannot be removed arbitrarily

  • may not hold office for more than seven years

  • can commence investigations on his or her own initiative, and

  • can make public statements and release reports publicly.


    The Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity reports to both Houses of Parliament on matters relating to ACLEI. The Committee monitors and reviews the performance of the Integrity Commissioner’s functions, and examines each annual report and any special reports produced by the Integrity Commissioner.


    The LEIC Act makes provisions for dealing with issues that relate to the conduct of the Integrity Commissioner and current or former ACLEI staff members. Any person may raise a concern with the Integrity Commissioner about the conduct of ACLEI staff.

    The Integrity Commissioner has an obligation to notify the Minister of any corruption issue concerning an ACLEI staff member. ACLEI staff members are under a like obligation to report corruption by other staff or the Integrity Commissioner. It is an offence for ACLEI staff not to discharge this duty to notify the Minister.

    The Minister can arrange for ACLEI corruption issues to be investigated independently by a Special Investigator, using the same investigative powers that are available to the Integrity Commissioner.

    ACLEI’s internal integrity arrangements

    The Integrity Commissioner’s Annual Report contains detailed information about ACLEI’s governance and integrity arrangements. You can also find information about ACLEI’s internal integrity arrangements at the following links:

    Responsibilities and Powers

    ACLEI Fraud and corruption control plan

    Procedures for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct

    Information for suppliers and business partners 

    Complaints about ACLEI

    If you are concerned about your dealings with ACLEI or the conduct of an ACLEI staff member, you should raise the issue in the first instance with the ACLEI Executive Director Secretariat or the Integrity Commissioner.  Any information provided in this way is received in-confidence.  Should your concern remain unresolved, complaints about ACLEI can be made to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.