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Current Vacancies

Forensic Accountant

Executive Level 1 ($94,682 - $115,062)

All non-SES employees receive a $1,625 per annum Service Allowance in addition to base salary

Position Number: NP

Location: Canberra

Vacancy Type: Full-time Ongoing

The occupant will provide specialised forensic accounting services to stakeholder teams conducting investigations or compliance activities including financial reconstructions, accounting advice and analysis, preparation of financial information for litigation activity and accounting data interrogation.  The Forensic Accountant will assist in developing, implementing and maintaining the forensic accounting capability of ACLEI.  In addition the Forensic Accountant will be required to provide strategic support and advice to the ACLEI management team.

The key deliverables for this role include:

  • Either individually or as part of a team, undertake financial investigations and analysis, extracting data, preparing reports and flow charts of financial transactions for the purposes of investigating corruption matters.
  • Provide robust and timely advice and guidance on financial aspects of personal and commercial transactions, the flow of funds, and methodologies used to reconstruct information for ACLEI investigations.
  • Participate in investigation and litigation processes including preparing and reviewing witness statements and affidavits, managing evidence in accordance with evidence management practices, as well as assisting in the preparation of briefs of evidence and giving evidence as required.
  • Contribute to the development of internal procedures and implementation standard practices relating to financial investigations to ensure operational effectiveness and appropriate quality controls.
  • Represent the interests of ACLEI and help manage ACLEI’s relationships with relevant stakeholders including other Australian Government agencies, State and Territory representatives as well as the private sector as necessary.

This is a Designated Security Assessment Position (DSAP). The occupant of this position will be required to obtain and maintain a security clearance of Negative Vetting Level 1 (NV1).

Applications close:  Sunday, 9 April 2017.
Contact Officer: Director Operations (Canberra) 02 6141 2300

Selection Documentation - Executive Level 1 - Forensic Accountant [DOC 54KB]
Selection Documentation - Executive Level 1 - Forensic Accountant [PDF 166KB]
Application Form [DOC 65KB]
Application Form [PDF 78KB]


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