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ACLEI Community of Practice for Corruption Prevention

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The ACLEI Community of Practice for Corruption Prevention (the COP-CP) is a collaborative forum for Integrity and Professional Standards units of agencies in the Integrity Commissioner's jurisdiction (LEIC Act agencies) to identify corruption risks; share information; work together to counter threats to law enforcement integrity; and strengthen their respective agency integrity systems.

Although membership may change, the core principles on which the COP-CP is built endure; ensuring collaboration and partnership remain cornerstones of our collective corruption prevention efforts.


The aim of the COP-CP is to foster the capability of LEIC Act agencies through a regular practitioner-level meeting designed to share examples of best fit integrity arrangements, and the concepts that underpin them.


The COP-CP is a regular, 90 minute, practitioner-level meeting, held at least three times per year.


To protect operational security, membership of the COP-CP is limited to LEIC Act agencies and is targeted at corruption prevention practitioners at the EL1-EL2 levels.


Agenda items are generated by member agencies, with the agenda (and any papers if required) to be distributed by the Secretariat in the week ahead of scheduled meetings.