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Announcement: Scammers on the prowl

Be alert: Scammers on the prowl

Date of Publication:

15 February 2016

Unsolicited phone calls have been reported to ACLEI by members of the public. These calls are designed to obtain the bank account or credit card details from unwary scam victims. The caller is purporting to use ACLEI’s phone number – 02 6141 2300.  However, these callers are not ACLEI staff.

Callers have sometimes claimed to have a warrant from the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and then ask for the personal details and bank account details of the person.  Sometimes the caller already has some personal details (like a street address) to try to gain a victim’s confidence.  This is a common type of fraud: www.scamwatch.gov.au/news/telephone-calls-alleging-fake-arrest-warrants-used-to-scam-money.

We advise people to be vigilant when receiving phone calls of this nature and if in doubt check the authenticity of a call—for instance, ask for the person’s phone number so you can call them back “in a few minutes”.  You can then hang up and check the number against an Australian Government agency website.

You can report scams at www.scamwatch.gov.au or www.acorn.gov.au

If you are concerned about corruption involving an agency in ACLEI’s jurisdiction, please report it here.