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Corruption Prevention Posters

ACLEI has developed these posters for the use of public and private sector agencies to promote and enhance integrity awareness. The posters use behavioural insights tools to communicate integrity expectations, encourage reporting, and reinforce the positive role that all employees play in maintaining a high integrity workplace.

The posters have been designed to be printed up to and including A1 size (594mm x 841mm).

Due to the large file size of each poster, it is recommended that you download and save to your local hard drive before opening.

The posters include space for you to attach contact information for your agency’s appropriate contact(s) for integrity reporting. If you are printing contact information on labels/stickers, ACLEI recommends the following sizes (depending on poster print size):

 - A1 – 250mm wide x 100mm high
 - A2 – 200mm wide x 75mm high
 - A3 – 125mm wide x 50 mm high

To download the full resolution poster, right click on the poster and select "Save Link As".


Integrity Reporting




Declaring Conflicts of Interest




Declaring Relationships and Associations




Declaring Gifts and Benefits