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ACLEI Corruption Prevention Community of Practice (CP CoP)

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Corruption prevention is essential to ACLEI’s vision, purpose and objectives.

A cornerstone of ACLEI’s prevention work is our active engagement with the integrity professionals of the Commonwealth Law Enforcement agencies in our jurisdiction (LEAs), to counter threats to law enforcement integrity and strengthen their integrity frameworks. The CP CoP is ACLEI’s principle approach to prevention engagement.

The largest component of the CP CoP is a quarterly practitioner forum, which is designed to facilitate information-sharing and discussion in relation to the challenges and opportunities in integrity and corruption prevention. Each forum includes contributions from ACLEI, our LEAs, and external national and international integrity experts; to share best practice, innovative approaches, insights and ideas.

Every forum is centred on a different theme, which aligns with our corruption prevention strategy and informed by corruption investigations, our annual Vulnerabilities Brief, and feedback from our LEAs. In 2022, the themes have include

  • Unauthorised Access
  • Ongoing Employment Suitability
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Grooming

Aside from the from the forum, the CP CoP incorporates a number of other key prevention activities, including the:

  • Surveying of LEA practitioners on integrity approaches, policies, procedures and emerging corruption threats and risks.
  • Development of thematic papers and prevention material, projects and advice.
  • Provision of monthly newsletters that highlight ACLEI’s current prevention work, internal and external prevention initiatives, prevention events and employment opportunities.
  • Facilitation of an annual networking event, to give LEA prevention practitioners and other integrity experts the opportunity to converse and build relationships in a less structured and formal setting.

The full Terms of Reference for the CP CoP can be found here.