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Information Guidelines

ACLEI's Information Guidelines outline some of the statutory and procedural considerations of the Integrity Commissioner when deciding how ACLEI obtains, handles, uses or disseminates information in the exercise of the Integrity Commissioner's functions under the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006 (the LEIC Act) and other enactments.

These Guidelines also provide information about issues that the Integrity Commissioner may consider when assessing any application from a person for release of information that ACLEI may possess.

  • ACLEI's Information Guidelines (November 2019) Word Document PDF Document

Hearings and Notices to Produce - Guidance for people responding to coercive powers

Notice Guidelines

These Guidelines are intended to inform a person who receives a written request (commonly called a ‘notice to produce’) under section 75 of the LEIC Act, and a legal practitioner who represents such a person, of the person’s rights and obligations, and of the manner in which applications relating to those rights and obligations should be made to the Integrity Commissioner.

  • ACLEI's Notice Guidelines (February 2016) Word Document PDF Document

Hearing Guidelines

These Guidelines are intended to inform and guide the conduct of appearances and legal representation before or in connection with hearings before the Integrity Commissioner, and are designed to promote the efficient and effective conduct of hearings. Legal practitioners must ensure that relevant requirements are observed.

  • ACLEI's Hearing Guidelines (October 2019) Word Document PDF Document

Witness expenses

Subsection 83(6) of the LEIC Act provides that a witness called to appear at a hearing before the Integrity Commissioner may be eligible to receive reimbursement for some expenses reasonably incurred in attending the hearing. Reimbursement of those expenses may be claimed by submitting a completed Witness Expense Form to ACLEI via the contact details below, or in person to an ACLEI staff member during the course of a hearing.

To download an ACLEI Witness Expense Form:

  • ACLEI Witness Expense Form Word Document PDF Document

Legal and financial assistance

Under section 103 of the LEIC Act, a person who is called to appear as a witness at a hearing before the Integrity Commissioner is eligible to apply to the Attorney-General for legal assistance and/or financial assistance (other than witness expenses) concerning his or her appearance.

Any application for legal and/or financial assistance must be made to the Attorney-General's Department and not to the Integrity Commissioner nor to ACLEI.

The assistance provided under section 103 of the LEIC Act does not relate to costs for lost income, travel, accommodation or meals incurred by a witness in relation to his or her appearance before the Integrity Commissioner. Reimbursement of those costs is regulated by subsection 83(6) of the LEIC Act and Section 8 of the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Regulations 2017 (relating to witness expenses).

For further details, and to make an application online, please go to the Applying for legal financial assistance - other schemes page on the Attorney-General's Department website.