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Integrity maturity assessment for law enforcement agencies

Integrity maturity axis

This axis is designed as a tool to inform thinking about corruption risk. It considers inherent risk in an operational environment, measured against the relative complexity of an agency’s integrity arrangements—this assists in setting expectations about the required complexity or sophistication of corruption prevention and integrity activities.

The axis is designed to be considered prior to undertaking the R.E.D assessment checklist as it assists in considering measures as aligned to risk.

  • ACLEI Integrity Maturity Axis  PDF icon PDF

Internal corruption controls - R.E.D Assessment

The Relevant (R), Existing (E), and Desirable (D) Assessment provides a checklist of examples of internal corruption controls used by law enforcement agencies, and identifies the primary strategic benefit of their implementation.

In using the checklist, you will need to assess which of these control are relevant to your agency’s operating environment and, if relevant, whether they already exist or are a desirable activity.

Controls identified as both relevant and desirable can be used to populate an action list.

  • ACLEI R.E.D Assessment Checklist  PDF icon PDF