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New tool to assist Commonwealth public sector entities to improve their integrity maturity

The Integrity Commissioner, Jaala Hinchcliffe, is pleased to launch the Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework this International Anti-Corruption Day. 

The Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework provides accessible information to support entities to design, implement and review the effectiveness of their integrity frameworks so that they are tailored to their risk profiles, size and contexts.

“My hope is that the Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework will assist agencies within my jurisdiction to review and continuously improve their integrity frameworks. The design of the Framework enables it to be readily used by all Commonwealth entities and so I have decided to publish the Framework widely to support public sector entities to assess and plan to upscale their integrity systems to prepare for the commencement of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) and the introduction of other integrity reforms across the Commonwealth,” Commissioner Hinchcliffe said.

Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework

8 Integrity Principles, that are derived from the key Commonwealth integrity laws, policies and procedures. Each principle summarises the corresponding governance obligations and controls.

A 4-level maturity scale, including: 

- An overarching maturity index to describe each level of maturity with Level 1 being least mature and Level 4 being most mature. 

- Maturity indicators for each of the 8 Integrity Principles, with each level of maturity building on the previous level.

Integrity Maturity Self-Assessment Guide and FAQ

Guidance for entities to undertake a self-assessment of their integrity maturity, by interpreting and applying the most appropriate indicators and indices. 

Towards Integrity Maturity: Mapping the Commonwealth integrity landscape  

A report describing the roles of the Commonwealth integrity agencies and the wide range of integrity-related laws, policies and procedures that govern the actions of Commonwealth officials and entities.

ACLEI invites Commonwealth entities to use this tool to assess and plan to improve their integrity maturity in preparation for the commencement of the National Anti-Corruption Commission in mid-2023.

The Integrity Maturity Project was undertaken with extensive consultation to ensure it accurately represents the Commonwealth integrity landscape. ACLEI acknowledges the Western Australian Public Sector Commission for sharing early drafts of its Integrity Maturity Self-Assessment Tool and the Australian Public Service Commission for its Integrity Metrics Toolkit. 

The Integrity Maturity Project resources are available on the ACLEI website.

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