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Investigation of alleged corrupt conduct by an Australian Border Force Officer

The Integrity Commissioner and head of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI), Ms Jaala Hinchcliffe, has today published the investigation report on Operation Kent.

Operation Kent investigated allegations of corrupt conduct by a staff member, Officer Y, of the Australian Border Force (ABF). Officer Y was alleged to have used their access to Home Affairs systems and knowledge as a staff member of the then Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) (now Home Affairs) to facilitate the approval of fraudulent visas for members of the Indian community.

The investigation found there was no evidence to support the allegations made against Officer Y that they unlawfully provided visas to friends and/or associates.

The investigation did not find any evidence:

  • suggesting that Officer Y approved fraudulent visas to friends or family overseas
  • of telephone contact between Officer Y and any visa applicants or Migration Agents
  • refuting Officer Y’s explanation that cash came from family, friends and business acquaintances, who carried cash from India
  • suggesting Officer Y used any other phones, known as ‘burner phones’, or
  • that Officer Y received a financial benefit from visa applications.

Additionally, the investigation did not find any evidence suggesting Officer Y had misused the Home Affairs database or that Officer Y had passed on any information to other parties.

The investigation report for Operation Kent is available on the ACLEI website.

Media Release - Operation Kent media_release_-_operation_kent.pdf (105.88 KB)