How to request a review

This section explains how to request a review of ACLEI’s assessment of your report.

Who can request a review?

If you believe the decision made by ACLEI about information you have provided is wrong, you can ask us to review the decision. A request for a review should be submitted in writing within three months from the date we advise you of our decision.

How can you request a review?

You can request a review by completing the form below.

Tell us why you think our decision is wrong and provide any new information that is relevant to the decision we made. Be specific rather than general. The information you provide will be considered and we will decide whether or not to review our decision.

Review requests are different to complaints about our service. If you are unhappy about the way we handled the information you have provided, the conduct of our staff or about our policies and procedures, you should raise the issue with that staff member or with their supervisor.

What happens when you request a review?

Our Internal Review of ACLEI Assessment Decisions sets out the criteria and process we use to review your request.

If we agree to review our decision, your request for review will be assigned to an officer who was not involved in the original assessment. That officer may contact you to ask for further details about why you believe our decision was wrong.

A review is not a reassessment of the information you provided. The review officer will look at whether the processes our staff followed were fair and adequate, and whether the conclusions they reached were reasonable and properly explained to you.

After the review officer has considered your circumstances and the information you have given us, they may:

  • uphold the original decision
  • send the matter back to the original assessment officer or another officer for further assessment.

We will only review a decision once.

Services to assist you to request a review

If you are a non-English speaking person, we can help you through the Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450. If you are hearing, sight or speech impaired, a TTY service is available through the National Relay Service on 133 677.

Complete this form

To ask us to review a decision we have made, you can complete this form below. Requests should be submitted within 3 months of the date we advise you of our decision.



    How to make a complaint

    If you are dissatisfied with our service you can complain to us. We value complaints as they help us improve our service delivery.

    We take all complaints about our service seriously. We are committed to handling complaints about us fairly and effectively.

    If you are concerned about your dealings with ACLEI or the conduct of a current or former ACLEI staff member, you should email

    Should you remain dissatisfied, complaints about ACLEI can be made to the
    Commonwealth Ombudsman.

    ACLEI corruption issues

    Both the Integrity Commissioner and ACLEI staff members have an obligation to inform the Attorney-General of a corruption issue relating to an ACLEI staff member. It is an offence to fail to notify the Attorney-General.

    The Attorney-General decides how any ACLEI corruption issue is to be dealt with. The Attorney-General may:

    • refer the ACLEI corruption issue to the Integrity Commissioner for investigation, or
    • arrange for ACLEI corruption issues to be investigated independently by a Special Investigator, using the same investigative powers that are available to the Integrity Commissioner.