Grooming of public officials by corrupt actors is an ongoing integrity risk. The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) has observed grooming in the course of its investigations into serious and systemic corruption. This guide describes the perpetrators, targets and methodologies of grooming identified through ACLEI investigations, and outlines strategies to prevent, detect and address grooming as a facilitator of corrupt conduct.

Corruption Concepts - Grooming corruption_concepts_-_grooming.pdf (337.2 KB)
Corruption conversation starters - Grooming corruption_conversation_starters_-_grooming_final.pdf (164.69 KB)
Grooming prevention - Integrity teams grooming_prevention_-_integrity_teams_final.pdf (167.39 KB)
Grooming prevention - Managers and SES grooming_prevention_-_managers_and_ses_-_final.pdf (187.12 KB)
Grooming prevention - Officials grooming_prevention_-_officials_final.pdf (244.03 KB)