Corruption prevention is one of the Integrity Commissioner's core functions and is essential to ACLEI's vision, purpose and objectives.

ACLEI prevents corruption through:

  • Identifying and disseminating information on corruption vulnerabilities and risks
  • Providing tailored assistance to law enforcement agencies to detect corruption and mitigate risks
  • Specialist projects on emerging corruption threats and innovative approaches to prevention
  • Engaging with Parliament, agencies and the public

Over the next three financial years our corruption prevention efforts will focus on delivering the following outcomes:

2021-22: Building ACLEI capability and capacity

We will refine our internal processes for contributing to and drawing insights from investigations, intelligence and data. Our thematic focus is on misuse of information, corruption in contracting out to service providers, ongoing employment suitability and grooming.

2022-23: Developing benchmarks and best practise

We will benchmark integrity principles and maturity levels to develop a baseline for our future corruption prevention work. In addition, we will increase our partnerships across the public sector to disseminate corruption risk and prevention learnings. Our thematic focus will be informed by trends and vulnerabilities identified in the previous year and will include employment and ongoing suitability, managing conflicts of interest and procurement.

2023-24: Embedding and amplifying our learnings

We will support agencies to implement integrity best practice and assess maturity. Our thematic focus will be determined based on trends identified during the previous two years and agency needs as identified in an annual survey.

Corruption Prevention Strategy 2021-24 cp_strategy_2021-24.pdf (393.73 KB)