Operation Adelaide considered an allegation that an Australian Border Force officer misused their Commonwealth credit card to make unauthorised cash withdrawals in their position. The investigation found significant evidence that the ABF officer misused their Commonwealth credit card to withdraw cash, make hotel bookings, totalling $93, 898.75. In addition, the investigation found that the ABF officer falsified medical certificates and statutory declarations to obtain paid leave for which they were not entitled. The Integrity Commissioner made a corruption finding on the basis that the ABF officer engaged in conduct in his capacity as an ABF officer that amounted to an abuse of office. As a result of the investigation, the ABF officer was convicted of 5 offences under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) and sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment, to be released after 5 months served conditional on entering a recognisance of $1,000 and being of good behaviour for a period of 3 years. A reparation order in the amount of $93,898.75 was also made.

Investigation Report - Operation Adelaide Public Investigation Report - Operation Adelaide.pdf (665.59 KB)
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