Operation Maven considered an allegation that one or more unknown staff members of the former Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) were using their position to assist in the import of prohibited imports linked to the supply of illegal drugs. These allegations arose from conversations overhead by an off-duty police officer. Operation Maven commenced as an ACLEI-only investigation but ended as a joint investigation with the Queensland Police Service and the then Australian Crime Commission. The investigation did not identify any staff members of the ACBPS engaging in corrupt conduct. Instead, the reference to ‘customs’ which raised the suspicion was likely a reference to civilians with knowledge of importing and exporting, such as a customs broker or experienced importer. While no corrupt conduct was identified, the investigation resulted in criminal convictions and contributed to law enforcement intelligence regarding the supply of illegal drugs.

Investigation Report - Operation Maven Public Investigation Report - Operation Maven - 02.2020.pdf (905.61 KB)