Operation Ruby considered an allegation that a member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was releasing sensitive information to a drug syndicate. These allegations arose from a referral made to ACLEI. Operation Ruby was a joint investigation between ACLEI and AFP, with the assistance of the NSW Police. The investigation identified that then Federal Agency Benjamin Hampton released sensitive information to a drug syndicate. In return he received up to $7,000. Mr Hampton, as well as members of the syndicate were charged with related offences. Mr Hampton was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment, which was suspended after he served 11 months of that time. Mr Hampton’s employment with the AFP was terminated. In 2020, the Court ordered Mr Hampton forfeit $306,643 of his superannuation to the Commonwealth. The Integrity Commissioner made a corruption finding against Mr Hampton for the disclosure of this information.

Investigation Report - Operation Ruby Public Investigation Report - Operation Ruby - 10.2020.pdf (905.6 KB)
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